Sunlight Termite Inspections, Inc. was established in 2013 after I had been in the termite industry for about 10 years, with the goal to provide quality customer service and information with integrity in the performance of wood destroying pest and organism inspections (more commonly known as “termite inspection”) as well as in our treatments and repairs generally performed as part of a real estate transaction. Inspections and reports are done in an unbiased and objective manner. The findings and our recommendations are presented accordingly, as it is important to our clients’ decisions making process; whether they are the seller, the buyer or homeowners with a property not part of a real estate transaction.


If you would like to verify my credentials

1) Click on this link: Structural Pest Control Board

2) On the “company name” section fill out only the first three letter like, “Sun” (without quotation marks).  You will find only ONE Sunlight Termite Company.

3) You then will be able to click on the company’s name and find the information.

Note that the Structural Pest Control board does not issue a license or registration to operate a business without proof of insurance, bond and live scan.

Thanks. Hope to serve you soon!