Reports with photos of findings.
While not required in termite inspection reports, we include photos as a service to our customers to aid in explaining the conditions found; especially if found in an area that is not easily accessible.

Quick turnaround.
In most cases, the report is ready to be sent (via e-mail) within 2 business days. Same-day delivery is also available. Please call for more information on this service.

Knowledgeable reviews or summaries at the end of the inspection.
I believe it to be important for everyone (whether the seller’s or the buyer’s party) to have a proper understanding of the inspection results. In my experience, I have found that there is in fact a difference between simply presenting the results and explaining them. I take the time (as practical and available) to answer questions about the inspection and/or the results. This may also allow a more personal interaction in the process of the inspection.

Service in Español if preferred.
Me complace servir a mi comunidad en Español, por favor déjeme saber si usted tiene un cliente que prefiere la inspección en Español.

I am pleased to serve my community in Spanish. So please, let me know if you have a client who would like or prefer the inspection in Spanish.

Helpful tips and IPM recommendations at the time of inspections.
Helpful to anybody, but especially helpful for the “first time home buyer”. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is something that every pest control company should do to help the consumer prevent (a much as possible) the use of pesticides. During, or at the end of the inspection, we will address any tips to help in the maintenance of the property or to a condition that may be within the report.

Great Customer Service.
At Sunlight Termite Inspections, Inc., customer service is a priority from start to finish, even after re-inspection or close of escrow. Whether it may be a concern or just a question, I will address it in a timely manner and to the extent of my abilities. I look forward to serve you.

Honesty and Professionalism.
To present an objective report of findings at time of inspection with practical and appropriate recommendations is a primary goal at Sunlight Termite Inspections, Inc. I believe that being honest is part of the professionalism.

Competitive prices.
Our prices are comparable to other companies within the industry, as well as licensed contractors who guarantee their repairs. Feel free to call us to discuss recommendations or pricing.

Convenience and security of payments.
Payments for inspections, chemical treatments, and repairs are accepted via PayPal either on-site or online (for pre-paid services or for special arrangements only). This method allows for payment even without a PayPal account, and keeps customer information secure as our company does not keep credit card information on file. Please be advised that depending on the amount being processed by PayPal, an additional service charge may apply. Contact us for more information.

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